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Sankranti-Pongal Festival

Sankranti-Pongal Festival
Sankranti-Pongal Festival

Sankranthi panduga-pandaga also popularly known as pongal festival which falls in the month of Magh (Magha Masam) is one of the important Hindu festival celebrated in Andhra Pradesh. Sankranti festival is celebrated for four days (long festival), ie. Bhogi, Sankranti, Kanuma and Mukkanuma.

Sankranthi festival commence after harvesting in India, Once crops are harvested farmers bring home their yeild which earned through their hard work and celebrate with their family. On this day they forget their hard times in farming by spending valuable time with their family (wife, children, kids, grand son’s, grand daughters etc).

We ushassu.com request you to plan and spend time on this occasion with your parents – family members so that they will forget all their hard work spend in harvesting and have a beautiful moments seeing their kids, children, grandsons, grand daughters moving around in their home.

Makar Sankranti is also celebrated in various states as Makara Sankranti in Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa, Odisha. Pongal in Tamil Nadu. Mokor Sonkranti in West Bengal. Magh Bihu in Assam. Uttarayan (Uttarayana) in Jammu. Lohri in Punjab. Kite Festival in Gujarat, etc.

How is Sankranti-Pongal Festival Celebrated

Day 1 of Sankranti is celebrated as Bhogi

On Bhogi day people offers prayer to fire (agni), early in the morning all family members gather at one place and fire a sacred light (boghi mantalu). People move around boghi mantalu singing and dancing. For making boghi manta people collect wood, wooden logs, sticks, dried stems, old items (wooden items, cloths, brooms etc) present at home with a belief new items come into their lives. Best time to perform bhogi mantalu is between 4 – 6 am early morning.

At the end of bhogi mantalu some people boil water to take head bath, some cook prasad made with newly harvested rice (boghi pongal).

On this day lord Indra (god of clouds and rains) is also worshipped. Farmers seek blessings for a good harvest that would bring wealth and prosperity from the land.

women sprinkle cow dung water (peda kallapu) in front of their house and create a colourful and floral rangoli (muggu), Gobbemma are kept on rangoli. Gobbemmalu are round balls made with cow dung, turmeric (pasupu), kumkuma (kumkum) are applied to each gobbemma and flower is kept on the top.

Evening bhogi pandlu festival is celebrated if there are kids below 5 years in their family. Bhogi pallu ritual is performed by showering a mixure of fruits, coins, flowers on kids in a belief that it protects from all evil (nara drishti) and brings good health and properity.

How to Perfom bhogi pandlu festival : At first children are bathed and dessed up and made to sit facing east side, mother should apply kumkum, sandalwood (gandham) to children and Bhogi pallu are taken in hand and moved 3 times towards clock direction and 3 times anticlock direction and shower on them, after that akshintalu (made with rice and turmeric – pasupu) also showered on kids and harathi is given.

Note: make sure no one collect or eat the fruits showered on bhogi pallu function. all the fruits should be dropped in flowing water. Coins can be donated to poor.

Fruits used in Bhogi pallu function: Regi pallu – pandu also called as Badari phala – phalam, Jujube fruit. Some people use sugar cane pieces, newly harvested rice grains, gooseberry – amla, chocolates, chickpea – senagalu, Patika Bellam – Rock candy or sugar candy etc. As per Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Regi pallu are used.

Best Time To Perform Bhogi pallu Cermony: Correct – right time to perform Bhogi pallu function is before sunset ie before 5 pm.

Sankranti-Pongal Festival History

Makar Sankranti is dedicated to Lord Sun, it falls when sun enters into Capricorn (also called as Makar Rashi) zodiac sign from Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi). This indicates the end of winter season and the beginning of spring along with longer days (Summer)

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