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What Is The Use Of Taking Health Insurance If So Many Restrictions In The Name Of Exclusions

Health Insurance - Health Policy
Health Insurance - Health Policy

Most health insurance policies are taken by common people (lower middle class, middle class, upper middle class) as below poverty level government provides various free health schemes to uplift weaker sections, Rich people doesn’t show interest on such things as they can afford.

Around 75 to 80 percent of health insurance policy takers are common people who save their hard earned money to pay higher premiums to safe guard their dependents (family). Be it any crisis (such as Coronavirus – COVID etc.,) or in any emergency health situation when they rush to hospital in a belief or trust that his/her insurance policy will save their loved ones without any financial hurdles and find so many restrictions at the time of admission in hospitals.

It is very hard to digest but this is happening in every hospitals in India. If common people think it is no use of taking health insurance, it does not save us financially then see how a drop in health policies happens.

Many People has raised this doubt that when there is a waiting period of 2 to 4 years for pre-existing diseases while taking health insurance, then why so many restrictions and exclusions after waiting period.

One more thing we found is if a person admitted in hospital due to alcohol liver cirrhosis even after the waiting period, insurance providers are restricting or rejecting the claim. You may feel its trash but it is true.

Its time to health insurance companies to think with a big heart and find out solutions and bring confidence to insurance takers.

As a policy holder, suggestions recieved by near n dear we are raising some points for insurance providers to consider

Point 1) Before taking a policy online or offline you should first mention or display with highlighting or bold letters of permanent exclusions, if they are ok with it and next process .

Point 2) After permanent exclusions you should mention pre-existing exclusions period in next step before taking your policy or In broucher also it should display point-1 and point-2 first then only other details.

Point 3) Some of your permanent exclusions should be based on, for eg. if central government or state has restricted or banned on consuming any products (alcohol, smoking or eating tambaku) and if any person admitted due to intake or consuming on those banned products then its your full right to reject it.

Point 4) When an unexpected health crisis occurs to insurance companies they should be strong and stand with policy holders rather than keeping restrictions, increasing premiums to skip burdens.

for ex. one policy holder took health insurance of 3 lakhs family floater with a premium of 12,000 per annum. He is paying his premiums for 10 years without any single claim, but due to this pandemic if any one of his family admits in hospital.. no one is accepting health policy, they have to borrow or beg or depend on others who provides money with higher intrest to fulfill hospital expenses to save their loved ones.

What a shame and how we are living in this shameless world, as people are dying and we are unable to save them due to financially even if we are paying premiums a long back without any single claim.

Point 5) will update one and one once we get inputs based on their problems faced.. plz be in touch with www.ushassu.com

Please Note : Our intention is not to criticize or oppose your policy wordings, we are here as bridge to bond with good and healthy relation between insurance companies and policy holders. If a policy holder is happy with his insurance provider, he will tell others and they will be willing to take and intimate their family members or friends to take from your reputed company. A mouth publicity is much more than spending lakhs and crores on advertising.

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